Thursday, August 16, 2012

What's In A Name

Beginning a blog, and beginning to follow other blogs, is an education unto itself.

For example, who knew that you make up names for the people in your post? I guess you don't have to, but the blogs I have been reading do, so I think I will too. But...that opens a whole new can of worms.

My sisters are easy - they have been Sisty Middler and Sisty Elder to me for years (I'm Sisty Littler). A niece is always known as Princess, but I have something like 100 nieces and nephews, and not enough royal names to go around. Katie, my Shih Tzu, will just remain Katie. But for others, to whom I expect to refer from time to time, things get a little more difficult.

I had been thinking about Earthmama for my best friend, but that's way too limiting - although she is an awesome mom, she's not my mom, and although a lot of mothering goes back and forth between us, that just seems to define only one piece of who she is. We tossed it around a bit and she said "just come up with something that shows how you think of me". Well, as if that didn't up the pressure by about 1,000%. And at the same time I have to come up with something for my boyfriend, the light of my life...but Edison just doesn't quite fit him.

So of course, within minutes, she had the answer...she is my TTF, which I will not define, but which has meaning and makes both of us laugh. And, taking that to the next level, she will be referred to as Willow. Or TTF. They're interchangeable.

So, my BF. Again, something that reflects how I think of him. Pressure. But TTF helped as we tossed out a few clunkers, and at this moment we're thinking "Tiger". Possibly. It's a baseball reference, but he also loves the Lions, fishing, and Nascar. So, it may change with the seasons, but Tiger it is, for now.

Names. Friendship. Love. All so complicated, kinda like life

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