Sunday, August 19, 2012

Becoming UnPinterested

I wasn't the first, but I did hop onto the Pinterest bandwagon sooner rather than later, although I have to say...we may be parting ways soon.

The idea has merit. Someone is aware of a product, recipe, craft, quotation, just about anything, they post it, and if you're interested, you "pin" it to your pin boards. It's a virtual bulletin board, ostensibly to make note of something you want to buy, make, bake, wear or move in to, all without those annoying scraps and photos we used to keep, or intend to keep, as inspiration for the fabulous, organized, delicious life we expect to have one day.

To paraphrase, someone said Pinterest is for planning a wedding you'll never have with a spouse you'll never meet to live in a house you'll never occupy. Ah, but mine were things I really plan to do/use/make. And I never leave a comment saying anything is "super cute"

The cracks in the system began to show when 2 really annoying people seem to spam-pin picture after picture that hold no interest for me. Where did all the good stuff go? Why am I now faced with tartans, messy braids, rooms like studies, conservatories, and maids quarters...things with no relation to me or anyone else I know. How can I find the cool stuff that I can repin so my followers know how cool I am? Pffffft

So I try "categories" but this only shows again the dumbing down of Pinterest. I don't want to see a recipe for crock pot soup when I'm trying to search crafts! Unless I can paint my shoes like the stilt walkers showing up on my crafts page, I want them relocated to Shoes. Your "awwww" picture of your puppy belongs on the Pets page, where Katies is (correctly) Get it straight, Pinners!

So, in my disinterest, frustration, and growing apathy toward your best "super cute" ribbon wrapped cat box, I feel myself fading from The Pin.

But then,,,

I have Pinterest followers! Can I let them down easily!? And I've had at least one roaring success, the Nachos Cupcakes made for Cinco de Mayo. I bought a $19 dress I had seen in a pin that almost fits! We have two wreaths made from paper umbrellas that are adorable but not yet hung. I have lots of inspiration for Chriatmas. I'm not ready to admit I'm not Pinterest material!

So, I keep on. Not as often, and with much less enthusiasm than before. and maybe the next post I pin will be life changing. Something so spectacular that, by cooking, Mod-Podging, slashing, mixing, folding, dicing, glittering and repurposing it, my coolness will never again be in question. Oh yes...and it will be super cute.

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