Friday, August 17, 2012

Reflexology for Dogs

Who knew?

I have been a Certified Massage Therapist for about 6 years, and a dog mom for 4 1/2...and I am just learning that you can (and, apparently, should) do reflexology for your dog!

I knew about massage for puppies. Katie gets massage every day, and blogs about it on my company website She hasn't updated much lately...that no opposable thumbs thing. But she has short legs and a long body, which makes any fearless leap from the sofa, a bed, the car - any leap - a matter of concern for her spine. A friend in California has 3 Shih Tzus and 2 have been to the doggie chiropractor for back pain.

Yes, I said doggie chiropractor. This isn't even a California thing - Google it and see what pops up - they're everywhere! The website for a national registry even recommends routine chiropractic care for animals.

I also knew essential oils can benefit pets too. I use Young Living Essential Oils in my practice and attended conference 2 years ago, unfortunately playing hooky when I should have attended the breakout on Oils & Pets. Thankfully there is a brochure, which I ordered and received today, outlining which oils to use for what for our four-legged friends. That's where I learned there are reflex points on a dog's pads, similar to those on people. Reflexology for dogs.

The oils are applied to the hind leg foot pads, and there are different points on the right and left foot. Katie, weighing about 19 pounds, should receive oils at a 75% dilution. Horses and ruminants (I have no idea what ruminants are) receive full strength. Reptiles and amphibians are at a 95% dilution. Where are the hind legs on a snake? Just wondering...anyway, you can even use the oils on your pet fish (I know - no legs) but that's a really weak dilution.

And these oils are used not just for physical ailments like itching and arthritis. If Katie seems depressed, I know now what to use. Cognitive disorders in your lizard? I have the chart! Laugh if you must, Katie will soon be the most well-adjusted dog on the planet - without chiropractic!

Just filing this in the Who Knew file. I love my work and the amazing things I learn about it.

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  1. I'll bet Katie just loves your exotic oil that smells like grass clippings and dog doo-doo!